You should see a button that says "Copy to File" as shown below.

It's also important (of course) that openssl knows how to find the root certificate if not included in chain.

button then Next; Select the format you want to save the certificate under and click Next; Type in a name. What you can do.



. org. This will open another Certificate window.


Click Internet Options from the list. This was tested on Chrome 99 in March 2022. If you don't have a file in PEM format you won't be able to download it as a PEM file.

A PEM is a particular format. Click Certificate is Valid” to.



. pem, run the following openssl commands: openssl x509 -in certificate.

All ports will be scanned if it is omitted, and the certificate details for any SSL service that is found will be displayed. Click on the Export.


Some browsers like Google Chrome do this download, while others browsers and non-browsers expect all necessary certificates to be contained inside the shipped chain.

Locate the certificate, typically in 'Certificates - Current User\Personal\Certificates', and right-click.

Click the small lock icon at the left-hand side of the address bar, then click the message that says “Connection is secure. . A Root CA certificate is at the heart of the reasons why SSL certificates are trusted, so knowing how they work can be useful.

. If needed, enter the key store password. . . . com, we would enter that in.


com -port 443 -prexit -showcerts. The -p 443 specifies to scan port 443 only.


Click on the "Copy to File" button.

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Select your certificate and click on “Export”.